Choosing a design and build company has a range of benefits to clients when compared to a traditional design-tender-build option. Below we’ve listed our top five reasons as to why you should consider design-and-build for your next project.

1. Meeting your Budget

When working with a specialist design-and-build company, the project design is assured to reflect your budget from day one.

This compares to the design-tender-build option; which often leaves a large gap between the cost estimate of a design and a realistic construction budget. We hear time and time again from clients who have paid substantial fees to have detailed drawings developed and presented for their project. However, once the builds are costed, the estimates were much higher than initially promised by the team of consultants producing the designs.

2. Time Savings

The streamlined design-and-build process means you will instantly benefit from time savings—and time is money when it comes to a commercial or industrial building.

The entire bid/tender process is removed, which can easily save you months off the final construction timeline. Also, if any issues or variations arise during construction, then it is much quicker to generate solutions, and there is often no additional design fee for any changes made.

3. Complete Accountability

When you choose a design and build company, you are choosing a team that will be accountable for every step in the construction process of your project.

There is continual consideration assured of your overall project goals; as there is the one team accountable for every stage in the process. Rather than numerous individual companies and consultants each prioritising a different part of the project; a design and build company considers all facets at all times.

4. Better, Regular Communication

Communication is key to a successful outcome on any project and is another vital element that benefits from the design and build process.

Because you are only managing one relationship, the communication between yourself and the design and build company becomes more robust, faster. Communication is more fluid, and there are assurances that whenever an issue or question arises, you will always be able to speak to the right person immediately. There is no bouncing from one party to another; you can rely on helpful answers and solutions from your project manager. And you can rest assured that your project manager is your one point of contact throughout the project if or when required.

5. Reduced Complexity

The design and build option can simplify and streamline the build process.

You aren’t required to select multiple partners for all the different parts of the journey; for example, an architect, several engineers across various aspects of the project, a lead contractor builder, a project manager. Instead, you simply select one company that will support you throughout your entire build.

Of course, the list certainly doesn’t end there, and there are many other reasons to select a design and build company for your next project. If you would like to hear more about the ways our team can assist you in your construction goals, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Give us a call on 0800 600 750 or email [email protected].

We look forward to working with you!