A versatile building design was paramount for this building following a change in circumstances. Our end goal was to ensure that the building would suit several different types of business. This challenge meant factoring in numerous features that the original design concept had not included; maximising its rental and sale potential.


This particular building’s original aim was for a purpose-built facility into which the principals could shift their own business. Unfortunately, early into the design process, there was a change in circumstances. This modification meant we had to adapt our design to incorporate more flexibility. We had to create a building which could be leased to a wide range of tenants once complete, or to multiple tenants if required.


We came up with a versatile building design with large, North-facing roller doors, ensuring it had multiple uses. The inclusion of a small office and accessible toilet meant there was potential to sublease space within the building, yet still, comply with fire regulations. We also strengthened the ceiling beneath the offices so the area could be utilised for light storage if required.

The final building appealed to two rental vehicle companies Hitch Car Rentals and USave Rentals, who signed tenancies at the completion of the project.


320m2, including 45m2 of offices & amenities

Completion Time

14 weeks

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