For this project, our client contracted Tuatara to construct a building shell only. The project already had concept plans drawn up but was missing a contractor. Typically, we complete both the design and building of a project. However, our team is always keen to take on different types of briefs such as this. The final result was a collaboration between Tuatara Structures, our clients, and Laser Plumbing Alexandra.

For this project, the challenge lay in working in a way different from what we are accustomed to, rather than the job itself. The client for the project was a builder who had already developed concept plans. Additionally, Laser Plumbing Alexandra was already committed to occupying the completed structure.

While the process was new for us it was a great test of how we could vary our process, while still completing a job to the high standard that we always strive for.

We constructed the 300m2 building shell only, with the client completing all the internal works for the project. The Tuatara team finished the shell to a secure, exterior lock up status for this turnkey package. The shell was clad in structural steel, with cedar feature panelling.

Completion Time
12 Weeks