A combination warehouse, showroom, and office space was the request from our North Island-based client. He needed the space to accommodate his three separately branded trade businesses. Utilising interesting cladding materials for aesthetics, and ensuring adequate car parking were also crucial for this turn-key design and build project.


Tuatara was tasked with designing a building for a client with several trade-based businesses. His goal being to operate all three brands from the same building. To function as he required, the building had to include a stock warehouse, a showroom for clients to browse their products, and offices for staff.

The restrictive site size meant both strict fire rating requirements and careful planning to maximise both building space and customer car parking.


We were able to design, construct and deliver a building which consisted of a warehouse, showroom, and office. The downstairs footprint consisted of the showroom and warehouse, while upstairs contained the offices and amenities. A roller door to accommodate the loading and unloading of stock was situated at the far end of the building. This positioning was to minimise the impact on customer and staff traffic.

The building included three-sided precast panels to meet fire rating requirements. These regulations were due to its placement on the site and proximity to neighbouring builds.

We finished the building’s frontage in Colorsteel for aesthetic appeal. Some of the clients’ stone was also incorporated to reflect the nature of the business, and its natural surroundings.


400m2 – including 230m2 of showroom, offices, and amenities

Completion Time

14 weeks

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