The Thomas Brothers Orchard in Riwaka grows and processes apples and kiwifruit for export and local markets. Growth lead to the need for construction of a large new cool store and pack house facility with offices and staff facilities, to be built in two stages.

To design and construct both a cool store facility and pack house, joined by a connecting canopy. Vehicle bays for the collection of fruit pallets and consideration for protection from rodents and other pests also had to be incorporated. The timeframe for this project was an additional challenge, with a tight deadline due to the seasonal requirements of the industry.

The final buildings totalled an impressive floorplan of 5,600m2 which included the cool store, canopy, and clear span pack house with adjoining offices. The cool store included a refrigeration package, and the attached office space comprised of a reception area, offices, large staff kitchen, toilets, and a special area for health and safety clothing and equipment.

Completion Time
16 Weeks