Our client, Frews Contracting, partnered with us to produce a dual tenancy workshop. They had a vehicle hire business, and an automotive servicing company lined up for the tenancies. Each tenant had a specific set of requirements for the build. Tuatara Structures worked with all three parties to produce an outcome that satisfied everyone. This also involved making several changes to the design late in the project.


This project’s main challenge was the site itself. The land was contaminated and had previously been a dumping ground for uncertified fill. Additionally, we had to quickly incorporate two significant changes during the build process as the client wanted more space. Working to suit three different parties was a final challenge for this project.


After completing a thorough site clean-up, we had a protective membrane installed as a defence against any landfill gas. We then completed the 700m2 dual tenancy workshop. To allow the building to serve dual tenants, we constructed an internal wall. Finally, we had an internal wash bay fitted, as requested by one of the building’s tenants.

Completion Time

12 Weeks