Advantage Plastics required a large manufacturing plant and office block. The company produces plastic goods for the agriculture, contracting, lawn, commercial, and waste industries. Advantage requested the first phase of the project be the construction of the manufacturing plant. The second stage of the build incorporated the separate office block.


The first challenge was that the ground to be built on was weak and required reinforcing. Additionally, the clients required that Tuatara incorporate several specialised pieces of manufacturing equipment.

An extra challenge arose before construction had a chance to begin. While the council had already granted building and resource consent, civil action by neighbours added a delay to the construction process.


Once the council agreed to uphold their consent, the building works proceeded in two stages. First, the manufacturing plant, followed by the two-storeyed office space.

The final manufacturing plant and office space build totalled 1,150m2. It included recesses in the flooring to accommodate the specialised equipment. Another notable feature was a monorail crane installed in the ceiling framework. Additionally, the building had its own transformer installed due to the power drawn by operations.

Completion Time

16 Weeks