This project combined a retail showroom and warehouse, with office space and staff facilities. It was another case of working with both the tenant, local Queenstown business Stylish Tiles, and the developer, Engage Capital. The design solution had to incorporate the required variety of spaces on a small site. Besides the building, car parking for the retail part of the business was a vital component.


We had a very tight site to work with, which meant a smart design was required to maximise the space. A comfortably-sized retail space had to balance with the requirement for tile storage and office space for staff. Additionally, the final site layout had to include car park spaces for retail customers. Further complexity was added by the need for delivery vehicles to have unimpeded access to and from the building.

A final design challenge was the cosmetic appeal. The building’s corner location and retail component meant the exterior had to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.


The final retail showroom and warehouse building measured 200m2. The internal space was left ready for the client to complete the final fit-out.

The building’s shell was a mixture of precast panels in natural stone and Colorsteel cladding. The L-shaped design allowed for five car parks. Even though space was at a premium, we made an allowance for some simple but impactful landscaping.


200m2 – including a retail showroom, warehouse, and staff amenities

Completion Time

12 Weeks

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