A shared building solution was required for two separate businesses, Dominator Garage Doors Queenstown and Queenstown Insulation. Along with designing a solution that suited both parties, the limited site size and regulations specific to the development provided the Tuatara team with a real challenge.


Tuatara Structures was approached with a brief to design a building to suit two separate businesses. These businesses had similar ownership structures but were still independent businesses that needed their own presence. Additionally, as is common in Queenstown where land is at a premium, we only had a small site with which to work. We had to work around the tight regulations on car parking and traffic movement on top of the restrictive site size.


Tuatara designed a shared building solution with the capability to drive a vehicle right through if required. We accommodated the offices and amenities through the addition of a second storey. Moving the offices upstairs maximised the downstairs storage space for stock and materials. The resulting smart, two-storey design made the best use of our clients’ total ground floor space.


190m2, plus 48m2 of upstairs offices and amenities

Completion Time

14 weeks