Locally owned and operated vehicle rental business, Discount Rentals, required the design and construction of new premises to suit their current business operation. However, to future-proof the building, they asked to incorporate elements that would give the building multiple lease or sale options. Tuatara Structures worked with their limited-size, corner site to design and build a smart solution to suit the company today and into the future.


This build was custom designed for Discount Rentals’ vehicle rental business. However, it was essential to the client that the design was future-proofed to suit dual tenants or re-sale. We had to maximise our clients’ return in the short term while ensuring that we designed and constructed something that capitalised as much as possible.

Additionally, the site itself was located on a corner and restrictive in size. There were, therefore, some challenging parking and traffic flow conditions we had to adhere to for the resource consent.


We designed a two-storey office solution with separate fire cells. This feature means the Discount Rentals team can let some space separately if required in future.

Due to the corner site, the visibility of the building is high from multiple angles. To make the most of the location while also softening the build, and turning the offices into more of a feature; we introduced some cedar and natural stone into the exterior design.


180m2; including 64m2 of offices, reception area, and staff facilities

Completion Time

16 weeks

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