The greatest adventure race in the world

The biggest adventure race in the world needs the most epic team to conquer the annual, multi-day expedition style adventure race. Behind that team is an ultimate crew of support heroes. Supporting these ambitious (if not slightly mad) people are businesses like Tuatara Structures, who thrive on challenge, admire tenacity and laser-focused dedication… businesses who like to stretch boundaries and achieve exceptional results. Read more…


Invercargill’s first swing-leg roof lift

Before Invercargill’s newest indoor trampoline entertainment venue becomes a family favourite – its providing entertainment of an entirely different kind – in the form of a unique swing-leg roof lift on Saturday morning.

Five cranes will hoist the 1500 square metre, completed roof structure (with all required services in place) allowing the pre-fixed structural legs to swing into position and be connected to their engineered foundations. Read more…


The NZ Shearing Shed designed with you in mind!

The quest for a custom-designed NZ shearing shed that will make your life easier is on! (more…)

Build with Confidence with Tuatara Structures – SCNZ Registered

If you’re planning to build a structural steel commercial or agricultural building, you can build with confidence with Tuatara Structures.


ATS Instore days/Ruralco Days

Ashburton Trading Society (ATS) or Ruralco as they are now known as have their members only trade days once a year. This year the event was held on the 7th—9th of July 2016 and with the addition of a new marquee was the largest yet. With over 1500 ATS/Ruralco member attending it was a great success.

Building a Farm Building or Shearing Shed? Put Your RuralCo/ATS membership to work

Did you know if you’re a RuralCo or ATS member you can enjoy a 2% discount when you contract your farm building or shed to Tuatara Structures?  As a participating supplier, we offer a full 2% off the cost of your construction project – a great way to put your membership to use! (more…)