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  • Initial scoping

  • Collaborative

  • Fixed-price investment

  • BIM plan and

  • Consents and

  • High-level project

  • Completion

Early-stage design planning

We include an experienced design engineer at the initial project scoping meeting to give our clients advice on their plans and ideas before we even start putting things on paper.

A site walk-through and discussion of your needs allows us to present ideas that may be better suited to your needs than within the RFP or initial brief.

Many traditional companies are restricted by how they construct, which leads to a solution that may not be optimal for the needs of the project.

Building Information Modelling

We use BIM to give certainty to our projects to calculate the implications of variations or changes to a project before it has even begun.

We can improve the predictability of the construction time, the costs, and any required resources throughout the project, giving our clients absolute accuracy of project costs and completion periods.

Using BIM allows us to:

  • Accurately price projects from the initial render
  • Offer fixed-price contracts
  • Guarantee construction schedules

High-quality 3D renders

Our in-house architectural draftsman works with our sales team and estimator to create accurate renders of our clients’ final projects – providing a visual example of what we can supply.

From this initial render, we can tweak the design if required to provide clients with the perfect combination of appearance and function, while also meeting budget requirements.

“Whilst I was standing in my brand new building...

I got a call back from one of the other companies I had approached asking how their quote was. Tuatara were on to it from the get go. From start to finish they were easy to work with and gave me a great building at the end of it. "Rob Pooler, Atlas Agriculture

Steel is the sustainable choice

Steel is generally acknowledged as one of the most recyclable building materials.  It has no product degradation from recycling, meaning its life cycle is potentially continuous. Additionally, building with steel provides the following benefits:

  • Steel is non-toxic and minimises health and safety risks for those people handling it.
  • The use of steel in a building can reduce cooling and heating requirements; delivering a lower lifetime energy footprint.
  • Steel can be engineered to precise requirements meaning there is less wastage on site.

We are caretakers of the environment

A Tuatara Structure is built forever, without harm to the environment it will occupy. We are committed to ensuring our practices have a low carbon footprint and that our materials are from sustainable sources and able to be recycled without damage to future generations.

Swing-leg roof lift construction

We are one of the first New Zealand companies to construct using swing-leg roof lift construction. Utilising this technique is important, both for construction worker health and safety, but also to allow us to deliver the project faster. The building's roof is constructed first and built entirely on the ground - eliminating the need for scaffolding assembly. Once complete, the building is lifted into place using massive cranes positioned around the building.

The building is lifted in a virtual symphony of choreography that takes place over a few hours. As the building rises, the steel legs are swung into place and then secured, and the cranes removed. A process that can traditionally take several weeks to get to a roofing stage on a building is completed in a day, and the building can be made watertight within a week.

Lower construction cost
Lower construction cost
Guaranteed completion date
Guaranteed completion date
Faster completion Icon
Faster completion
Safer construction
Safer construction

See more of our buildings being constructed at our YouTube channel.

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