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We understand that getting the build process started can be a bit of a minefield. We are focused on breaking down the process for clients and providing resources that will set you on the right path from the get-go.

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Will I need a resource consent for my project?

It will depend on your local District Plan and its rules and restrictions, but we are happy to help out here. We can assist in working through any District Plan rules your project may trigger and help you with the resource consent process if required.

Will my project have any height or site coverage restrictions?

It will depend on your local council regulations. We will investigate for you and will make sure that our design complies, while also getting you the result you are looking for from your project.

How do I know the fire rating requirements for my build?

The fire regulations are complex and vary on the size, use, and location of the building on your site. There is also a property fire rating as well as a life fire rating to consider. We can help with both of these and advise on what implications they have on the use of your building, along with the different costs.

Who deals with the council for my project?

We work with the council on your behalf, managing all aspects including, but not limited to, lodging your building consent and responding to any council queries or RFIs. This service includes engaging all required consultants like structural, seismic, and fire engineers as well as architectural draftspeople.

What is an RFI?

RFI stands for “Request for Information”. These are questions or clarifications that the council ask during the consent process. We work through these with the relevant local authority to ensure they have the right information to satisfy their query and progress your project through to consent.

Do you provide final drawings and engineering specifications?

Yes. We work with qualified engineers and architects to ensure your project not only looks great, but is structurally sound, and exceeds the building code.

Do you manage all the contractors and services?

Yes. We offer a complete turn-key service, including all the project management and take care of all coordination and communication with the various sub-trades and services.

Who oversees the ground condition/Geotech report?

In conjunction with our structural engineers, we take care of this for you. Having delivered projects New Zealand-wide, we understand the various requirements that the different councils require. With our prior knowledge, we take the time to talk you through what the results might be and how this may impact your project.

Who is responsible for the Code of Compliance?

We prepare all CoC paperwork and submit it for approval with the council on your behalf.

What is a PC sum?

A PC (prime cost) sum is an amount allowed for an item that not specified at the time the contract is written and therefore subject to change. These are often around sub-trades like plumbing & electrical which may change depending on where the connections outside the property are. Once we have a fixed price on the item, we confirm and run through it with you to ensure that you understand and are comfortable with the cost.

Is it possible for my project to end up costing more than the agreed price?

No. With our fixed-price contract, we can guarantee the price we quote is what you pay – unless variations outside of the agreed contract arise.

Can you commit to a fixed timeframe for my project?

Yes. Once the building consent is issued, we put together a detailed construction program for your project, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that it runs to schedule. We are happy to work to liquidated damages if required.

Are your services limited to just buildings?

Not at all. We specialise in delivering turnkey packages and have experience in overseeing and managing civil, drainage, and car park works; as well as installing specialist equipment and plant for different manufacturing industries. We also carry out security fencing, gates, landscaping and much, much more.

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