A common question we are asked is what is the construction timeframe for commercial or industrial buildings?

We understand the reasoning behind this query. Many businesses are seasonal, have deadlines to meet, or need to shift premises by a fixed date due to the end of a lease term.

Estimating the construction timeframe for commercial or industrial buildings can be challenging, given the varying size and complexity of different projects. Additionally, we have to factor in any local and regional consents the building or occupier may need to obtain.

What we do at Tuatara Structures is break down the construction process with typical timings to give you a better idea as to whether your project will take eight months or 18+.

Phase 1 – Planning, Concept Design, & Pricing: 4-10 weeks

We pride ourselves on providing all our clients with a day one design consultation. This consultation means that the planning and design of your project begin as soon as you meet with us. We gather as much information regarding the land, your building requirements, budget, and any time constraints, and start your design right away. We aim to have your first concept design ready within two weeks of our initial meeting. From here, we will make any revisions you require until we lock in a layout. At this point, we can price your project.

We will then work through a detailed Investment Proposal which sets out a specific scope and costings for delivery of the project. This process usually takes between 1-3 weeks following confirmation of the finalised layout.

However, if you are working to a tighter timeframe and have an offer on some land, we can speed up this phase of the process and have both your drawings and pricing turned around within two weeks.

From this point, the timing will be in your hands. If you are happy to proceed immediately, then we move to the next phase. However, if you require further amendments to the design, or are waiting on third party approvals, then this phase will lengthen until we achieve your perfect solution.

Phase 2—Detailed Design & Pre-Consent: 6-8 weeks

After we have a signed contract, scope, and concept plans, we then move into the detailed drawings and pre-consent stage.

This stage is where we engage our different consultants and start working through the structural, civil, geotechnical, and any environmental engineering. We also begin working through the architectural drawings and compiling the required documentation that the council need for obtaining a building consent. Once we have a finalised set of drawings and have carried out our internal review, we get final approval from you before submitting to the council for building consent.

Phase 3 – Building Consent: 6-8 Weeks

This phase varies depending on several factors; the building complexity, location, and with which local council it is being consented. We would usually allow for between 6-8 weeks for this part of the process, which includes us answering any RFIs (requests for more information) from the council.

Phase 4 – Construction: 8-52 Weeks

With Tuatara, this phase of the process is where we will save you the most time. Because we utilise our unique swing-leg roof-lift technique and BIM model everything; we can speed up the build process by up to 25% compared with traditional construction methods. Our projects are typically constructed from as quick as eight weeks for a small industrial or commercial building, through to 9-12 months for something more complex.

Phase 5 – Post-Construction: 1-2 Weeks

Once all construction is complete, the final code of compliance and inspections take place. If there are any minor issues or compliance requirements, these are taken care of as quickly as possible. This process usually only takes 1-2 weeks. However, we offer all clients a minimum 90-day defect-free period post-construction as standard.

Overall, we would estimate that the Tuatara Structures design-and-build process will take between eight and 24 months; depending on the complexity of your project. While this leaves quite a broad time range as an estimate, when it comes to your build, we are more than happy to give you a specific construction programme at the presentation of your initial investment proposal.

If you have a challenging build deadline that you would like the Tuatara Structures team to tackle make sure to give us a call on 0800 600 750 or via our contact page.