The solutions we offer are tailored to your specific needs and we are ready to listen and offer our expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of your construction project. After an onsite consultation we will develop customised plans, working closely with you throughout the process. We’ll handle all documentation, permits and consents, which all adds up to a hassle-free experience and the very best results. No shed is too big or complex for us to build so have a chat with one of our Tuatara team members about your plans today.


Our loyal and skilled employees use proven systems for the manufacture of your structure. Our relationships established with our suppliers means we receive top support and quality on all our supplied product with their collective knowledge and adherence to the very highest production processes. Here at Tuatara Structures we offer a fast manufacturing service with a 28 day guarantee your structure will be useable. Choose from our tailor made steel structure series or our standard made steel structure series and with full design and build packages resulting in fast turn-key access, what are you waiting for. Give us a call to get your structure underway.


Tuatara Structures installation teams have a wealth of practical, hands-on knowledge right from site preparation through to efficiently running the site until the final stages of the build. Your structure is built in accordance with the latest standards and codes of compliance, so it will perform in even the most adverse conditions. Our attention to detail contributes to the quality of your investment that will pay dividends for years to come.