Your building is as unique as you are.

We start with the people – how they need to work to make their business or school operate more effectively. That becomes the foundation of all our structures; from retail showrooms to cool stores and everything in between.

Many companies talk about a customer-centric approach, but few will design the building around them.

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Commercial businesses

Commercial businesses

Your business is our business

An investment into a commercial space can yield high returns if it is planned well from the start.

The team at Tuatara Structures has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to deliver a full turnkey package on your next commercial building investment.

Whether you require manufacturing, warehousing, retail, or office space – or a combination of options – we have the experience and design expertise to give you precisely what you need.

We have tailored custom-designed structures for a range of businesses including

  • Food processing and distribution warehouses
  • Heavy industry factories and timber mills
  • Automotive and panel beating workshops
  • Rental transport housing and coach companies
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Civil Developers

Civil Developers

Turn key solutions for ready-to-lease buildings

Easily customisable spaces provide your clients with the perfect blank canvas.

Our clearspan buildings provide the ideal opportunity for developers to construct ready-to-lease buildings that can perform in a multitude of ways.

Whether your clients need retail, warehousing, or office space; the internal fit-outs of our buildings are entirely changeable according to client requirements.

Our buildings are the ideal solution for developers who are looking to construct facilities with space and capability to appeal to clients across a variety of industries.

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Farmers & Horticulturalists

Farmers & Horticulturalists

Wide and unimpeded spaces for maximum housing

We understand the significant investments you have made in your equipment, stock, and feed.

Quality farm and horticultural buildings protect from the elements and preserve the usable lifespan of machinery and equipment.

We can provide farmers and horticulturalists with build solutions that consider unique space, cost, quality, durability, and need for flexibility.

We have the expertise to build you a reliable, quality building that will not only prove functional, robust, and safeguard your assets; but will offer you a substantial return on investment and add value to your property.

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Education, Recreation & Community

Education, Recreation & Community

Covered areas, playgrounds and ILEs

We understand the importance of getting construction completed fast when dealing with projects in education and recreation.

Schools, clubs, and recreation businesses that need to new or updated facilities rely on guaranteed construction timeframes to keep students, parents, members and customers happy.

Cost is also a significant factor, especially when it comes to community projects, and that is why it is worth considering us for your next project.

With Tuatara Structures, you can be sure your project will be a quality structure, and with:

  • Lower construction costs
  • Fixed-price contracts
  • Faster construction
  • Health & safety a priority
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Marine businesses

Marine businesses

Hot-dipped galvanised steel for coastal situations

Your building will withstand the impacts of a coastal environment for longer thanks to hot-dipped galvanised steel.

We know that when your business is in a marine environment, the building materials you use will have a significant impact on the life of your building.

The use of hot-dipped galvanised steel as standard in our construction projects means longer-lasting protection of the steel thanks to its zinc coating. Plus there is a secondary bonus of reduced maintenance compared with a painted steel or timber structure.

Why is steel my best choice?